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An elder in the so-called conservative fellowship of the church of Christ publicly marks a brother as disorderly, stating, among other things, that he is possibly teaching a heresy.  Withdrawal is enjoined without first notifying the church to admonish him.  The elder further announces that the eldership is in disagreement on the decision to do so.  Consequently, some among the elders refuse any further discussion with the marked brother to establish the matter.  When some in the church object to these actions, they are eventually likewise publicly disfellowshipped by these elders without prior warning from the congregation for allegedly bringing false accusations.  When yet others leave the congregation over the matter, they are in like fashion marked for fellowshipping the marked accusers.

Is such activity in conformance to God's will?  How is marking and withdrawing accomplished in the church where you attend?  This article examines the many aspects of withdrawing in the scriptures.

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Withdrawing from Disorderly Christians



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