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Search Tips:

          Check your spelling: The search engine will look for sound-alikes, but it's best to try with the corect speling.  Also, for example, a search for "child" will include "children" and "grandchildren."

          Use Multiple Words: The default is to return sites with all the keywords you list.  You can list also synonyms; the search engine may know only certain synonymous terms, but not like a thesaurus.

          Use Plus And Minus Signs: For example, +elders +deacons will return only pages containing both words.  Also, +ark -covenant will return sites containing the word "ark" but also not containing the word "covenant."

          Use Quotation Marks: Enter "the law of the lord" to return only sites containing those words in that order as a phrase.

          Utilize Case: The entry "lord" will return sites containing the words "lord," "Lord," and "LORD."  The keyword "Lord" will return only "Lord," case specific.

          Use Combined Queries: For example, try to figure out what this will do: +love -Lord obe* "holy spirit".


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