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False doctrines abound in the church today over the volatile subject of divorce.  It seems that very frequently some new theory or interpretation arises.  The motivation usually appears to be the desire to believe some doctrine that has a favorable result for a close friend or family member rather than an honest search for truth.  Some of the variant doctrines are examined in these pages.

Divorce After Reconciliation

Does the innocent party in a marriage affected by fornication maintain his right to divorce his wife even some time after they have reconciled and gone back together?  This article considers this question and examines the nature of the marriage covenant and the principles of reconciliation.

The Marriage Bond

This article originated as further study on divorce after reconciliation.  However, foundationally the study became focused upon the marriage bond itself: what it is, what it means, how it is created, broken, and restored.  Due to how these studies evolved, the author apologizes for some overlap in content.

Reproving Divorce After Reconciliation

Some preachers are privately teaching divorce after reconciliation, some Christians are practicing it, and some churches are tolerating it.  This study examines the various scriptural attempts to validate this doctrine heard by this writer in private discussions.

Divorce Situations

There are many different possible situations in divorce, and it seems like each real-life circumstance has its own unique set of conditions.  Guidelines for authority and principles of the marriage bond are reviewed, and a collection of divorce situation examples are presented.

Divorce for the Cause of Indecency

This article is a critical review of the book, "Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage, The Uniform Teaching Of Moses, Jesus, and Paul" by Samuel Dawson.










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