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Welcome to the site.  Here you will find a collection of Bible study articles and teaching outlines.  This is an invitation to open your Bible and join in the studies.  You are encouraged not simply to read and accept what is written here without question but investigate for yourself what the Bible has to say on the subjects presented.


The foundation here is a belief that the Bible is the inspired word of the one true and living God.  Remarkably, God reveals Himself not merely by the wonder of His created universe but also in tangible, written form.  Being the work not of man but of an omnipotent God, the Bible is taken as a rational document which can be reasonably understood by all mankind and which is not subject to each man's own interpretation.  In other words, if God can create the universe and life in His image within it, He certainly ought to be able to state His will with clarity and hold us accountable for it.  We did not just happen by random chance; God has placed us here with a unified purpose.  Conclusively, if we can understand the essential aspects of this book at all, we can understand it alike.  It will not say one thing to one man and something entirely different to another.

God has endowed us with the ability to recognize good and evil and the free will to choose between the two.  Through the Bible, God identifies sin and delivers to us His expectations of how we should live.  Moreover, in His word, God reveals the one true church which Jesus died to establish.  Since Jesus paid with His own blood, it is absurd to think He does not have sovereign rule over His church as pertains to its work, worship, message, organization, and terms of admission.


The purpose of this website is to reflect the purposes of God for us.  Through the Preacher of Ecclesiastes, God encapsulates His will for us: "Fear God and keep His commandments."  You will hopefully be impressed with the fact that every attempt is made to provide correctly applied scripture to accompany every doctrine espoused in these pages.  Moreover, when opinions are discussed involving matters of indifference, they are qualified as such.  The further hope is that you might find words here that edify, increasing your faith and knowledge in God's word.  It is all to the glory of God.

Mankind has a common need: the forgiveness of sins.  The goal here is not earthly; scripture reveals that this life is not what this life is about.  Good health, financial prosperity, entertainment, and political freedom are all good things, but God never places the importance in these.  Only in Christ and His church are found forgiveness and the hope of something much better beyond this life.


You are hereby invited to join this examination of God's word, renouncing human creeds and man-made traditions.  Hold fast to that which is found to be the truth and live by it.

 But as for you, speak the things which are proper for sound doctrine: (Titus 2:1)

Thank you for visiting this website.  If you find it helpful, please tell others, and come back again, as future additional works will be added.


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